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Each one of us specializes in a different market, however what we have in common is business experience, a strategic approach to clients and an understanding of the culture and markets on which we work. Regardless of the sector, we open new growth perspectives for our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a company from France and you need a partner in Spain, or a company from Kuwait that plans to open a branch in Poland - Grow Global is your solution. Working with us is above all results! 

Business follow-up

Agnieszka Klimczak

Graduated from Italian University of La Sapienza in Rome, faculty of economics. She gained professional experience in Italy where she founded and ran her first consulting company K - Service srl–working directly with Vatican City.Her next international chapter was the Middle East and the development of the Dubai-based architecture consultancy office - Draw Link. She successfully launched and developed office in Qatar. 

Since 2015, in Poland, supporting Polish small and medium-sized companies in their expansion primarily to the Middle East, as well as representing Arab investors in Poland, matching them with partner companies. 

Academic teacher and trainer in the field of cultural differences in Arab countries. She divides time between Poland and the Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula. 

She enjoys sport and travel.

Markets: Middle East, Italy, Poland.
Communication language: Polish, Italian, English.

International trade

Beata Koniarska

The founder of Grow Global project. Since the beginning of her career associated with international culture and business. She gained her first experience managing the Human Resources Department for the international British Chemical Group ICI. Responsible for the implementation of restructuring projects in Spain and France and for the merger of French branches to Henkel and Akzo Nobel. Then she managed the Marketing Department for the industrial adhesives segment in EMEA markets for Henkel. During this time, she won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Product Portfolio Management.

Since 2011, the owner and managing director of two brands: PrintShaker - Print & Graphic Design and bConnect presents VirtualExpo Group. Vice-president and member of the board of Employers of Pomerania, the largest and oldest regional organization of entrepreneurs. She graduated in economics in Great Britain (Staffordshire University), France (University of Lille1) and Poland (University of Gdańsk).

She enjoys tennis, snowboarding and personal development.

Markets: France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland.
Communication language: Polish, English, French, Spanish, German.

Connecting people

Paulina Próchnicka

In business for over 20 years. She started her career working in law firms. For 10 years she was a Procuration Holder and Director of the Management Board Office of Sunfreef Yachts - a Polish company with French capital.

For over 12 years, she has been successfully running the beauty industry and real estate business, managing a team of over 30 people. She graduated in law (specializing in international law) and Roman philology at the University of Gdańsk. 
Certified coach in the field of business development and personal development.

Privately interested in kitesurfing and business psychology. 

Markets: Poland, France, Georgia.
Communication languages: Polish, French, English.

Strategy creation

Jorge Gimeno Pawłowski

In consulting business for over 15 years. He started his career working in international NGOs such as the Red Cross, from where he moved to his own business, advising on international strategy and business development for companies such as Femxa Group or WM Group. 

The co-founder of New Education Forum and the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Innovative Education Center and the Director of Atland Consulting since 2018. He graduated from company management studies (marketing specialization) at ESIC Business School in Saragosa. He holds the LSE Certificate - Business, International Relation and the Political Economy. Certified personal development trainer. 

Privately interested in outdoor expeditions. 

Markets: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Latin and South America, Poland.
Communication language: Spanish, Polish, English.

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