We guarantee you premium support for every buyer of Impeka. Trust us, we know from first hand the true meaning of the word “Support”.

We build business relationships for you.

Based on over 20 years of international experience of our team, we are able to accurately steer the direction of development on foreign markets. Our flagship product is Matchmaking, i.e. connecting/matching businesses

We start our work by getting to know you and understanding your business needs:

What does your company do?

What are directions of your development?

Who exactly are you looking for?

How many contacts do you need?

Which markets?

Based on this initial assessment we are looking for business partners for you in our network. After identifying specific companies, we make a first contact for you, verifying whether a given partner is interested in the product or service you offer. When the answer is positive, we hand over the contact to you. From now on, the ball is on your side!  



Extensive presence both living and traveling in different foreign countries of all of the partners translates into knowledge of cultures, foreign languages and the range of international networks. This unique combination of experience and skills allow us to reach the valuable contacts you are looking for. People and their mutual relations form business!


Satisfied customers

We work with the best interests of our clients in mind, saving your time and providing valuable and verified contacts.This will form the basis for the further work of your team and as a result bring new business contracts and develop your company in new markets. 



Our experience shows that on average you need to start dealing with that many contacts to get a new customer. The key is to work with the verified contacts and be well prepared for the next stage, because this is the way to success!

Knowledge of European market95%
Knowledge of Middle Eastern market70%
Knowledge of North & South Americas markets70%

Every third contact results in starting a business relation between two parties!

How do we work?

Every third contact results in starting a business relation between two parties!

Contact purchase

You purchase only verified contacts from our platform.


You receive a confirmation of purchase and an invoice.


We reach out to you to understand your needs.


We contact foreign companies in the field of interest of your company.


We provide you with the purchased number of contacts


Matchmaking is the fastest way to reach valuable contacts from the market. Each contact is verified by a phone conversation, connecting you with a right partner to start the conversation. You decide how many contacts you need.

Our experience shows that on average 1 in 3-5 contacts converts into the real business. Do not hesitate, reach out to us today!

1 contact

250 €

  • / Interview
  • / Market and business review
  • / Matchmaking
  • / Contact hand over
2 contact

450 €

  • / Interview
  • / Market and business review
  • / Matchmaking
  • / Contact hand over
3 contact

600 €

  • / Interview
  • / Market and business review
  • / Matchmaking
  • / Contact hand over

Business support

We do not leave you alone in the new field! When you do not know how to start, or you have tried and it did not turn out as you expected, or you do not want to take the risk the lack of knowledge on the unknown market, you can count on us!  

We share knowledge on how to effectively lead a business process, how to communicate effectively and what mistakes to avoid. 

We will adapt your offer to the realities of the new market.

Cross Cultural differences in business training

When in Rome do as Romans do! Prepare with us for your expansion into new markets through consultations with recognized experts. We pay special attention to the operating mechanisms in the relevant market, cultural differences and business savoir-faire.

The product is intended for the export department training. 

Comprehensive international development

Our comprehensive offer includes:

  1. Strategic planning for international development: analysis, goals, profitability and characteristics of the new market.
  2. Access to public and private financing: potential national or EU funding, access to investment funds or potential investors.
  3. Building relationships: institutional relations and access to proven suppliers.

Thanks to us, Spain, Middle East and Argentina become available.

They trusted us

Our method guarantees obtaining the most valuable contacts.