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Business follow-up

Agnieszka Klimczak

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International trade

Beata Koniarska

Connecting people

Paulina Próchnicka

Strategy creation

Jorge Gimeno Pawłowski

Grow Global Agency

Aleja Zwycięstwa 24, 80-219 Gdańsk, Polska 

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    Extensive presence both living and traveling in different foreign countries of all of the partners translates into knowledge of cultures, foreign languages and the range of international networks. This unique combination of experience and skills allow us to reach the valuable contacts you are looking for. People and their mutual relations form business!


    Satisfied customers

    We work with the best interests of our clients in mind, saving your time and providing valuable and verified contacts.This will form the basis for the further work of your team and as a result bring new business contracts and develop your company in new markets. 



    Our experience shows that on average you need to start dealing with that many contacts to get a new customer. The key is to work with the verified contacts and be well prepared for the next stage, because this is the way to success!

    They trusted us

    Our method guarantees obtaining the most valuable contacts.